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Educational Articles

  • Heading Off to College

    Get the Most from Your College Degree
    Find a college major that fits your personal and financial goals.
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    Understanding How to Budget
    Smart money-management starts with responsible spending in college.
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  • Moving Out On Your Own

    Should You Buy or Rent Your Residence?
    Emotional and financial factors will dictate which decision is best for you.
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    Examine Your Transportation Options
    If you can walk more and drive less, your savings and health will improve.
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  • Starting Your First Job

    Understanding Investment Options for Retirement
    It’s never too early to start laying the financial foundation for your retirement.
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    Calculate Your Net Worth
    Keep tabs on your spending and savings habits to ensure you’re on track toward your goals.
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  • Buying a House

    Separating Needs from Wants
    Smart house-shopping starts with defining these categories.
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    Which Mortgage is Right for You?
    Fixed-rate and adjustable-rate mortgages impact your finances differently.
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    Buying Your First Home
    Great tips and information for first-time homebuyers.
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  • Starting a Family

    Safeguarding Your Family with Insurance
    Protecting your family and your assets adequately is part of a good financial plan.
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    Saving for Education Expenses
    529 plans and Coverdell ESAs offer opportunities to save for qualified school expenses.
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  • Facing a Medical Crisis

    Health Savings Accounts and Flexible Spending Accounts
    Tax-free savings options provide a cushion against unexpected medical expenses.
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    Estate Planning Requires Careful Consideration
    These important legal documents will ensure your interests are protected.
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  • Retirement

    Living Within a Budget
    Take steps to ensure your savings can provide for you throughout retirement.
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    Maintain a Diversified Portfolio
    A balanced investing approach for the short term and near future will benefit you.
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