Benefits of Online Banking

Online banking continues to surge in popularity across the globe, as access to digital and mobile financial services increases and more people become aware of the benefits of this approach. A survey conducted on behalf of the American Bankers Association shows that roughly 40-percent of Americans use online as their primary banking channel, and 71-percent use online banking at least part of the time.

At KeyPoint Credit Union, we offer mobile (on your smartphone) and online (on your desktop) banking services for your convenience. If you're not familiar with the many benefits of online banking, let's take a moment to review them.

The advantages of banking online

Online banking has become an integral part of the financial life of millions of people. By using these services, customers get the benefit of added flexibility and accessibility.

Some of the core advantages of online and mobile banking include:

  • The ability to check your account, anywhere anytime. With online banking, you can check your balance, transfer funds or perform other important tasks on a 24/7 basis.
  • Simple online bill settlement. With the click of a few buttons, you can pay all of your outstanding bills -- a far cry from the days when you had to write out and mail a check for each account.
  • Online banking allows customers to set up customizable alerts that can be sent to a mobile device. These alerts keep you constantly apprised of all activity on your account. These alerts can also help avoid added fees and keep your budgeting on track.
  • Nobody enjoys waiting in line or searching endlessly for an ATM that doesn't have "out of network" fees. Online banking solves that problem by offering simple and immediate convenience.
  • Online banking also allows customers the ease of mobile check deposits. This is a major time saver, as it removes the need to travel to a bank branch to perform a simple check deposit.
  • Today's most comprehensive online bank services also offer easy integration with budgeting apps and other financial tools.
  • If you're interested in helping the environment, online and mobile are a serious plus, as they eliminate paper waste and save trees. Everything you need is digitized and at your fingertips for easy access. 


In conclusion

Online and mobile banking has never been more popular -- and has also never been more secure. By taking simple steps such as changing your password regularly and using anti-virus software, you can help ensure that your online and mobile banking accounts remain safe. Also, because online banking eliminates the need for paper banking documents, your information remains securely stored online, rather than circulating in the mail.

Online banking is convenient, safe, easy and has never been more popular.

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