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Manage your finances anytime you have a few minutes

People with busy schedules need 24/7 access to their money. Our free Mobile* and Online Banking services make it easy to connect with your KeyPoint accounts at any hour and from almost anywhere.

  • You must first enroll in Online Banking in order to download our Mobile App.
  • Our highly rated app is available from the App Store and Google Play, and is compatible with most smartphones, tablets and smart watches.

2022 Tax Documents Now Available
Your year-end tax statement is now available online. To view your tax statement and other documents, please log into Online Banking and click on the eStatements tab. If you have questions, please contact us at (888) 255-3637, [email protected], or TTY (877) 889-5728.

New Features
December, 2022: We’ve upgraded our Mobile App! We’ve made a major overhaul to our Mobile app to provide a consistent look and feel with Online Banking and create a technology platform that is easier to enhance in the future.

Visually, the new app provides a simplified layout, with a clean, sleek design. It’s easy to navigate and we’ve added some great UI features that will make your experience better:

  • Nested menus to reduce scrolling—Like an organizer for your kitchen junk drawer, nested menus keep your navigation tidy and your experience streamlined.
  • Live chat—Initiate a real-time conversation with our contact center for help with any banking needs.
  • Meet up with us—schedule a virtual or phone appointment to meet with a KeyPoint representative.
  • Transfer money to other KeyPoint Members.
  • View and manage stopped numbers—See a list of phone numbers that you’ve blocked from sending text messages.

However, there are some features that are not present in the new app:
  • No welcome/avatar
  • No color coding of accounts
  • No 3-dot shortcut menu
  • No auto-capture capability (was available for Android OS users only)

What do you think? Give us some feedback using a link within the new app.

If you use Android OS, version 7.1 or lower, you’ll need to update OS to use the new app.

April, 2022: New Look for Online Banking! We launched new functions and enhancements that will greatly improve the online banking experience for you. Here’s what’s new:
  • Remember This Device – To help keep your account safe, each time someone logs in from an unrecognized device or browser, we’ll send you an alert. When you receive an alert, if you approve, you can click “Save” and we’ll remember the device or browser for future logins.
  • Link Accounts – Adding a linked account enables you to transfer money to other KeyPoint Credit Union accounts. Now you can set up or disable linked accounts online by yourself without having to call in to our service desk to do so.
  • Addition of Quick Links – Easy to find; easy to use – We’ve added links on each account page that let you order checks, view eStatements and set up Alerts quickly and conveniently.
  • Profile Photos – While it’s already possible with Mobile, now you can add your profile photo to your online banking accounts, too!
  • Menu Changes – We’ve fine-tuned the display for dropdown menu choices, making it easier for you to find and select the action that you’d like to make or the information that you’re seeking.

Security Update
Your account security is our top priority. Online and Mobile Banking go beyond your username and password to authenticate you. Our online systems also use Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). Most of the time you wouldn't even know it is there as it runs behind the scenes collecting the information of the device you are using. If our system does not recognize that the device you are using is yours, then you would be prompted to enter a unique code sent to your phone by text or automated call. Once you enter the code correctly, you are allowed access to Online and Mobile Banking.



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Learn How to Use the Mobile App

Our video library includes many tutorials on how to use various features of the Mobile App.

Online & Mobile Banking Features

  • View Account Balance: Get up-to-the-minute balances in your KeyPoint Checking, Saving and Credit Card accounts, and view transaction histories for each account.
  • Pay Bills: Save time by writing fewer checks and save money on postage costs. With electronic Bill Pay, you can avoid late fees and penalties by setting up automatic payments.
  • Transfer Funds: Move money between accounts quickly and easily using your smartphone, tablet or laptop.
  • Schedule Alerts: Receive email or text notifications alerting you to low balances or other important account activity.
  • Mobile Deposit: Use your smartphone or tablet camera to make deposits without having to visit the credit union. Funds are almost always available the next business day.
  • View Check Images: Track down specific payments or keep copies for your financial records.
  • Pay Other People: Send money friends, family members or anyone else in the U.S. with an email address or mobile phone. Realtime or delayed transfers available! 
  • View Your FICO® Score**: Login to your online account each month to see your updated score for free. These checks won't affect your score, but it will keep you aware of changes.

*Mobile carrier rates may apply. **FICO is a registered trademark of FICO Corporation.