Health Savings Accounts

An HSA allows you to save for future medical expenses with pre-tax dollars –– giving you a tax advantage. You can contribute any time, and roll your balance over from year to year. And, your account is not affected by your job status or employer contributions.

It's easy to access the funds in your Health Savings Account for medical expenses with a Visa® Debit Card or by check.

Benefits of a Health Savings Account

  • Use pre-tax dollars to cover future medical expenses
  • Save money to pay for future medical bills
  • Contribute any time, and roll your balance over from year to year
  • Your account remains the same, regardless of job status or employer contributions

Visit our Retirement Central to open your HSA online, access frequently asked questions or to contact our HSA specialists with additional questions.

Learn more about the Benefits of a Health Savings Account.

Health Savings Account with Visa® Debit Card
Dividends View rates
Minimum Opening Deposit $25.00
Corporate Image Checks First order of checks is FREE*

*First order of checks is free. Subsequent orders will be an additional charge, this charge will be deducted from your HSA balance and it will be coded as a non-reportable distribution. An additional deposit to cover the check purchase is recommended.

Any type of withdrawal that is made from your HSA using share drafts or ACH, Debit Cards (any type of withdrawal) will automatically be assumed to be a normal distribution and will be reported to the IRS as such. You must complete an HSA withdrawal form if there is an exception.

If the HSA owner elects to make contributions through payroll deduction and/or automatic transfer, the payroll deduction/automatic transfer received, will be allocated as a current year contribution.

The HSA owner is solely responsible for making sure that all HSA contributions are within the limits set by the tax laws and that the aggregate contribution per tax year will not exceed the maximum amount allowed by the IRS.

KeyPoint Credit Union is not responsible for improper account usage.

Consult your separate HSA disclosure for restrictions on withdrawals, tax penalties and other important information.

This account is not eligible for Courtesy Pay Privilege. Refer to the Member Handbook and General Service Charges (“Fee Disclosure”) for additional terms and conditions to this account. Laws governing HSAs can change frequently, so you should consult your tax advisor to determine if you qualify. KeyPoint Credit Union does not give tax or legal advice.

HSA Rates - Health Savings Account
Rates Effective: 11/4/2020
Minimum Balance Dividend Rate Annual Percentage Yield (APY)
Any balance 0.25% 0.25%

Rates available as of 11/4/2020; subject to change without notice. Rates are variable after account opening. Fees may reduce earnings.