How to Keep Your ACH Files Protected

TEN Ways to Keep Your ACH Origination Files Safe

  1. Set up a policy and procedure for your staff to follow when initiating a ACH origination request.
  2. Train and educate your staff in security awareness and fraud protection. 
  3. Know your customers and their requirements. 
  4. Limit the ACH origination transaction to one computer and limit the other activities on that PC such as web surfing as much as possible.
  5. Protect your device with a password and consider two-factor authentication controls. KeyPoint will never ask you for your password.
  6. Do not download or install suspicious software. KeyPoint will never ask you to download software to originate ACH files.
  7. Use updated antivirus security software.
  8. Update your other software as necessary.
  9. Never click on suspicious email links. 
  10. Before submitting your file, always verify your ACH file for errors and confirm the information inputted into the ACH request.