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    Guest blogger Tim Green

    Dec 16, 2014

    Note: President/CEO Brad Canfield has asked members of his executive staff to guest author some of his upcoming Blogs, so you can get to know the key decision makers at KeyPoint. This month, Chief Financial Officer Tim Green is the guest blogger. 

    I joined KeyPoint in 2013 as Chief Financial Officer.  In addition to Accounting and Finance, I also have responsibility for Risk, Compliance and Facilities. I am a CPA, and most of my career has been in public accounting and mid-sized financial institutions. 

    I live in San Francisco and am the proud owner of a very supportive lab named Samson. As you can see from the picture, sometimes all you need is a Lab to put his arm around you and a big smile is certain to follow. We got Samson from the local SPCA, and I highly encourage people to adopt a used pet. Some of the best dogs come slightly used! They may have their own ideas about things, but diversity of ideas is the spice of life. Now Samson’s primary ideas are about how he can steal food and when the tennis ball will be in the air again. 

    In my free time, I enjoy all the great food that San Francisco has to offer (email me for the best sushi in the city!). I play a little golf and try to get to Tahoe when I can. 

    As we take stock of the year and look to the future, I am grateful for being part of the KeyPoint team. Given that our stated mission is to improve people’s lives, I am completely proud to be part of KeyPoint and really excited about the value we provide to our membership and community. 

    After working for a bank and a mortgage company, I really enjoy being at a credit union. I’ve been totally blown away by the credit union movement. The cooperation that exists between credit unions is completely admirable. I love the notion that we are running a not-for-profit organization, yet attempting to get the same efficiencies and profitability as a for-profit company—but the profits are returned to all of our members instead of a handful of stockholders! 

    Here at KeyPoint, giving back to the membership is more than just lip service. It’s something we all embrace and value. It’s rewarding to work in an environment and for a CEO and Board who embrace the credit union concept and understand that our job is to level the playing field for our membership and any consumers we can affect. This is not the case at a for-profit bank, and my reward comes from being a small part of providing consumers with a better alternative to traditional banking institutions. 

    To further our mission, we are in the process of creating a KeyPoint Foundation that will be used to provide scholarships to local youth. We will continue working very hard to enhance each member’s experience with KeyPoint. 

    I hope your holiday season is filled with joy and good times with family and friends, and despite any inconvenience the rain may cause let’s hope it keeps coming.  Not only will it help arrest the terrible drought, but it will help make Brad (a northwesterner) feel a bit more at home.

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