Everyone Deserves Some Credit!

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In the aftermath of the rough year that we all had during the height of Covid, many among us in our community have found that their credit scores have taken a hit. As we get back on track with our lives, know that KeyPoint has two great solutions for those who aspire to either improve their credit scores or establish a FICO score for the first time. 

Credit Mender is a simple program for KeyPoint Members that have poor credit. In a nutshell, you can apply for a small loan, then if approved, we’ll get you set up with a repayment plan. If you make all of your payments on time, you have the potential to raise your FICO score. It really is a great feeling—and a tremendous relief—to see your score increase over time.

Credit Starter is for those that desire to establish credit, having not done so in the past. This is a simple loan program in which, if the borrower complies with the steps, it’s possible that they can establish credit and receive a FICO score and get on their way with their life goals that require a good credit score like renting an apartment, purchasing a car, buying a home, etc.

What’s more, both of these programs are designed to help you begin saving for the future or for a rainy day—something we all should be doing where possible!