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Not every oyster has a pearl

Jan 02, 2014

One of my hobbies is raising oysters. Contrary to popular belief, not every oyster is capable of producing the beautiful pearls that become jewelry. Kumamoto Oysters provide me with a different pleasure—delicious eating, sharing my bounty with friends and family, and learning about these fascinating creatures that were first introduced to the United States from Japan in 1902.

But even when you have the right oyster, you can’t always find a pearl. Much of the same can be said about financial institutions. We all have checking accounts, loans, online banking, ATMs, and low interest rates (good if you’re a borrower, bad if you’re a saver). The big banks have reputations for treating customers poorly, and the smaller ones typically provide a better customer experience.

So where are the pearls? I suggest that you don’t look for a rare pearl, but instead find a financial institution that will feed you for life. Kids Savings Accounts should be free, and encourage children to start saving young. Teenagers need special accounts and online education to set the stage for future financial success. Young adults should have special consideration for that first car loan and credit card. First-time homebuyers deserve a home loan that doesn’t use up all their income. And those of us in our comfortable middle years should have investment and retirement planning advice from someone who isn’t just trying to make a profit.

My New Year’s Resolution is to help KeyPoint become like my oysters—feeding our members through the good and bad times, always making sure to provide you with sustenance. We have good products and services, but we want to make them even better. We have lots of ways for you to access your accounts, but we want to make it even easier. And someday, I hope that some of our members will feel that KeyPoint is like a rare pearl.

Happy New Year!


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