The KPCU Advantage

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I’m often asked, what makes KeyPoint special? How is it any different from a bank? And my answer often surprises the person asking because it sounds too good to be true. 

As a not-for-profit credit union, our goal is to Improve the lives of our Members. We focus on keeping rates on loans low and paying the highest rates possible on savings. Rather than adding more fees, we look for new ways to reduce or eliminate them completely. 

We provide smart financial solutions –– through innovative products and services that our Members can access anywhere, like our highly-rated mobile app. 

In addition to helping Members save money, we also focus on helping them make smart financial decisions — with personal guidance from our skilled team of professionals –– and free financial education programs and seminars like Smart Estate Planning, New Home Buying and Long-Term Care Options. 

KeyPoint also embraces community advocacy. We’re committed to social responsibility, so we’re continually expanding our outreach in the communities we serve –– through financial literacy programs for kids and young adults, and special support for under-privileged youth. 

All in all, we strive to deliver Member excellence –– by anticipating your needs, so we can deliver exceptional personalized service to meet them.  

So, the next time someone asks you why you’re a KeyPoint Credit Union Member, tell them — and invite them to join the financial services leader that puts Members first.