Special Discounts for Apple Employees

Apple employees and retirees nationwide who join KeyPoint enjoy a customized member experience, discounts off our already low loan rates, and exclusive benefits. KeyPoint lends in all 50 states. 
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12-Month Certificate: 5.12% APY*


  • Guaranteed Return—Your money will grow at a fixed rate over the term of your certificate account.
  • No Market Risk—Your certificate’s performance isn’t tied to market variability.
  • Safe—Federally insured by the NCUA (to at least $250,000).

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Set up direct deposit with KeyPoint and get $50 each month for six months—
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Get $50 and your friend can get a $300 bonus!***

  • Have your friends and family Open a Checking Account using the promo code "RAFDD".
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Home Equity Loan / Line of Credit


Leverage your home equity for a remodel and more! From full house renovation to small weekend project, our home equity loan / line of credit can have you covered.

  • 0.25% discount off your home equity loan / line of credit rate1

Dedicated home loans number: (877) 888-9634

Exclusive Benefits for Apple employees and retirees nationwide who join KeyPoint:

Loan Products Discount off rate1
Home Loan (down payment as low as 3%) 0.10%
Home Equity Loan/Line of Credit 0.25%
Credit Card 1.0%
Vehicle Loan 0.25%
Personal Loan 1.0%


Banking Services Apple Employee Price
Notary.2 No CU membership required! Appointment required—call (800) 433-5390 $15    $0
Outgoing domestic wire. KeyPoint account required. $30    $0
Outgoing international wire. KeyPoint account required. $50    $0
Incoming domestic and international wires. $5      $0
Cashier’s Check.2 KeyPoint account required. $5      $0
Money Order.2 KeyPoint account required. $5      $0





Buy or refinance your dream home. Or leverage your home equity for a remodel and more!

  • 0.10% discount off your home mortgage rate1
  • 0.25% discount off your home equity loan rate1

Dedicated home loans number: (877) 888-9634

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New and used vehicles.

  • 0.25% discount off your rate.1

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Get 1.5% cash back on all your purchases with the Visa® Platinum Rewards Card.

  • 1% discount off your rate.1


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An unsecured personal loan for any use.

  • 1% discount off your rate.1


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Receive fee waivers on many popular services.

  • Notary2 (save $15) Appointment required— call our dedicated number. Credit union membership not required.
  • Outgoing domestic wire3 (save $30).
  • Outgoing international wire3 (save $50).
  • Incoming domestic/international wire3 (save $5).
  • Cashier's check or money order (save $5).2,3




Lower Your Payments with a Student Loan Refinance! Take control of your student loan debt! KeyPoint enables you to consolidate both Federal and Private student loans into a single loan with flexible terms and payment options:

  • Fixed and variable rates
  • Loans from $5,000 to $75,000
  • No application fee, origination fees, or prepayment penalties


Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. All loans subject to credit approval. Loan discounts do not apply to Student Loans Refinancing.



When you and your child begin saving early, the amount you have to set aside each month to reach your goals will be smaller than if you wait until later to invest.

When it comes to college funding, do you understand:

  • all your possible investment options (UGMA, ESA, IRA, 529, etc.)?
  • what tax credits might be available?
  • how your plans might impact opportunities for financial aid?
  • why time is your greatest ally if you start saving now?

To speak or setup an appointment with a Financial Advisor, please contact:

Mona Boomer
Administrative Assistant
(408) 731-4298
[email protected]


Registered representatives offer securities through Securities America, Inc., Member FINRA/SIPC. Financial Advisors offer Advisory services through PFG Advisors. KeyPoint Financial Services, KeyPoint Credit Union, PFG Advisors, and Securities America are separate entities. Securities America and its representatives do not provide tax or legal advice.

Not NCUA Insured – No Credit Union Guarantee – May Lose Value



Establish credit and build a FICO score with KeyPoint Credit Starter. Ideal for anyone with no or little credit—a great way to build your credit and savings at the same time!


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Q: Will I be asked for proof of Apple employment?

A: Yes, because this is an exclusive program, you will be asked to provide the following documentation, depending on your status with Apple:

  • Apple employees (including retail store employees) can show an Apple badge, a pay stub or offer letter for employment.
  • Apple retirees can show a copy of their retirement letter or a current statement of retirement benefits.

Q: Can my family get the same benefits?

A: Only Apple employees are eligible for the loan discounts and fee-free services.

Q: Are program details available on kpcu.com?

A: Program details are available only to Apple employees via Apple Web.

Q: Who is eligible for fee-free Services?

A: Notary services are available for no fee to all Apple employees, regardless of membership status. For more information, see questions 8 and 9.

All other services are available to Apple employees and retired Apple employees. The eligible person must be the primary member on the account.

Q: I don’t live or work near a KeyPoint branch. Is there anywhere else I can conduct my business?

A: Some program benefits require you to visit a KeyPoint branch. For other business, you may use Online Banking for wire transfers, to pay bills or to transfer money, mobile banking for depositing checks electronically, to pay bills, or to transfer money, or call our contact center for personal assistance. You may also use kpcu.com to apply for new accounts or loans.

Q: Who is eligible for loan discounts?

A: Apple employees and retired Apple employees. The eligible person must be the primary member on the loan.

Q: What do I need to know to get a document notarized?

A: As part of this program, we offer free notary services to all Apple Employees, Apple contactors, and Apple retirees. Notary services are only offered at KeyPoint Branch locations during business hours. For notary services the Apple employee:

  • Must make an appointment
  • Must be one of the signatures being notarized on the document
  • Can bring any document (other than those prohibited by law) to be notarized

Q: How can I make an appointment to have a document notarized?

A: Please call our Contact Center using Apple’s direct line, (800) 433-5390, to request an appointment.

Please note: your signature must be included on the document for notarization, proof of employment may be required, and additional information will be requested to schedule an adequate amount of time for your appointment.

Q: I already have a KeyPoint loan. Can I get the discount on this loan?

A: There is no change to existing loans, however you are welcome to refinance your existing loan and loan discounts can be applied at the time of refinance. You are still eligible for loan discounts on new loans and you are eligible to receive fee-free services.

Q: If I want to purchase a car, can I go directly to the dealership and receive the discounted rate?

A: We always recommend being pre-approved. Not only does that guarantee you will receive the discounted rate, it will also speed up the process at the dealership.

If you are unable to get pre-approved, the dealer will ask you for your employer information during the application process. Entering Apple in the employer field will guarantee the rate discount is applied. For Apple retirees, be sure to ask the dealer to note that you are retired from Apple. This will prompt our loan processors to apply the discount.

Q: Are the Apple employee loan discounts in addition to our existing loan discounts?

A: Yes. The loan discounts offered to Apple employees are in addition to all other discounts for which the member is eligible. This means we will honor the rate with all applicable discounts subject to KeyPoint floor rate.

Q: Are international Apple employees eligible for the loan rate discounts and fee-free services?

A: All loan requests must fall within our lending guidelines. Guidelines include, but are not limited to, lending within the US only and the requestor must have a U.S. Tax ID.

The only fee-free services available internationally are Outgoing Wire Transfers processed through Online Banking. To complete this transaction, you must have a deposit account with available funds. Reference the Apple Program Fee-Free Services Table above for additional information.

Q: What happens if I leave Apple?

A: Should you leave Apple, discounts on any existing loans will continue. However, loan discounts will not apply to any future loans and you will no longer qualify for fee-free services under the Apple program.


*APY=Annual Percentage Yield, available as of 8/8/2023 and subject to change without notice. $1,000 minimum opening balance. New money only—this certificate cannot be funded with money already in a KeyPoint account. Early withdrawal penalties may apply. **Conditions apply. See kpcu.com/DD23. ***Conditions apply. See kpcu.com/raf.

1New loans only. Credit approval, Credit Union membership, and verification of eligibility for loan discount required. Discount will be applied to the normal rate you qualify for. A member is someone who is the primary owner on a loan or deposit account. Specified free services require the Apple employee or Retiree to be a member of KeyPoint Credit Union. Notary services are only offered at KeyPoint Branch locations, during business hours. Apple employee or Retiree must be one of the signatures being notarized on the document. Notary services require an advance appointment.  Walk-in requests will be referred to schedule an appointment. Loan discounts only apply to the Apple employee and Retiree.  Family members are not eligible for the loan discounts unless the Apple employee or Retiree is the primary owner/member on the loan. Loan discounts will only be honored for loan accounts booked after the launch date of the program.  Loans booked prior to the launch date of the program do not qualify for a loan discount. 2Available in-branch only. 3KeyPoint deposit account required.

A KeyPoint Credit Union member is a person who is a primary account or loan holder. Verification of eligibility for loan discount or fee waiver required. 


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