Electronic Document Delivery Enrollment

By submitting this enrollment electronically, I am enrolling in Electronic Statements (“e-statements”) and Electronic Disclosures (“e-disclosures”) and I agree to the following KeyPoint Credit Union (“Credit Union”) terms and conditions to receive electronically all disclosures, statements and notices that are legally required to send to members or chooses to send to members.

Electronic Statements and Disclosures

I understand that by signing up for KeyPoint Credit Union Electronic Statement and Electronic Disclosure service, I waive my right to receive paper statements and disclosures. There may, however, be some cases where the Credit Union can, at its discretion, require me to receive or execute paper documents. Electronic statements and disclosures will contain all the same information as paper statements and disclosures. I will have the same opportunities to contact the Credit Union about any errors or problems. I confirm that I have a computer with Internet access, an e-mail address, and a PIN to access Online Banking.

Periodic account and loan e-statements and other disclosures will be available for pick up at the Credit Union’s secure web site. The Credit Union will send me an e-mail confirming that the statements or disclosures are ready to pick-up. In other cases the Credit Union may send me the disclosures such as NSF/Overdraft notices, certificate renewal notices, loan billing notices, notice of past due. To access my e-statements, I will log onto Online Banking with my security credentials. Once I have logged on successfully, I select the eStatement item under Services. I will access my e-disclosures and other general disclosures from the Privacy & Legal link on KeyPoint credit union’s home page.

I will be able to download and print copies of e-statements and other disclosures if I wish to do so. To download and print statements, I will need current versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Chrome or other certified browser and Adobe Acrobat reader software and a printer.

I agree to keep the Credit Union informed of any change in my e-mail address. If the Credit Union attempts to e-mail notices to me and the Credit Union’s e-mail is returned because my address is bad, the Credit may attempt to contact me by phone or postal mail to obtain a valid email address. If the Credit Union is unable to obtain a valid e-mail address from me, the Credit Union will terminate my e-statement and e-disclosure enrollment, resume sending paper statements, disclosures and other notices to the last valid address you have on record for me, and may charge me any paper statement fee stated in the Credit Union Fee Schedule

If I later decide that I prefer to have paper statements mailed to me, I can submit a secure online request through Online Banking to reinstate paper statements and discontinue e-statements, or I can submit my request by mail or in person at any KeyPoint Credit Union office. Paper statements may be subject to the fee stated in the Credit Union Fee Schedule

If any of my accounts or loans is joint, the Credit Union will honor the instructions of any joint owner or borrower. However, if the Credit Union receives conflicting instructions, you can send paper statements and disclosures and may charge me the paper statement fee stated on the Credit Union Fee Schedule.

I understand that prior to consenting to the terms of this Electronic Statement and Electronic Disclosure Election I must successfully view and download a test e-statement. To access my e-statements, I log onto Online Banking at https://www.kpcu.com using my PIN. Once I have logged on successfully, I select the Product and Services link. By submitting this form, I confirm that I have successfully downloaded and retained a test statement from the Credit Union web site. I acknowledge that I have been able to keep a copy of this enrollment form for my records.

I understand that I am responsible for setting up, operating and maintaining my computer equipment and internet connection. The Credit Union expressly disclaims any liability related to my computer equipment and internet connection.

Thank you for choosing electronic statements. Your election will be implemented approximately 4 business days after we receive it.

We remind you that safeguarding your PIN is your responsibility. To avoid compromising the privacy of your financial information and the security of your accounts, do not keep your PIN near your computer.