Insurance Requirements for Loan Collateral

To protect your loan, it is required that all loans maintain insurance above the state minimal liability coverage. All secured loan contracts require that collision and comprehensive coverage be maintained at all times to protect the loan in the event of theft, accident or damages and it is further required that KeyPoint Credit Union be listed as the loss payee and the deductible must not exceed $1,000. In order to better serve our members, we have added this convenient site for submitting your loan insurance information. Responses can be expected within two business days. 

Submit your loan insurance information now. Should you require further assistance or would prefer to submit your individual insurance declarations pages by fax, please change your loss payee or lienholder endorsement as shown below, and fax proof of coverage to:

KeyPoint Credit Union
P.O. Box 792415
San Antonio, TX 78279-2415

Toll free 866-655-0719
Toll free fax: 888-253-6118

In the event there is a lapse in proper coverage or you should fail to maintain proper collateral protection insurance upon your loan, KeyPoint Credit Union may, at its discretion and at your cost, force place a policy upon your loan in order to protect both yourself and KeyPoint Credit Union as per the agreements set forth in your original loan documentation.