KeyPoint Members can now send money to friends or family using Zelle®.

Start using Zelle® in 3 Easy Steps:

  1. Access Zelle®—Enroll your email or U.S. mobile number through your KeyPoint Mobile App, online banking account, or in the Zelle® app.
  2. Choose a Person—Enter your recipient’s email address or U.S. mobile number.
  3. Enter the Amount—Select the amount you wish to send, and your recipient will receive a notification with instructions on completing the payment.

To enroll with Zelle®, you must link your U.S mobile number or email address to a specific financial institution.

If you wish to send or receive money using a different financial institution, you must either transfer your previous U.S. mobile number or email address to your new financial institution or link a unique U.S. mobile number or email address.

Frequently Asked Questions

KeyPoint now makes available Zelle® and Pay a Person (or Pay Anyone), as fast ways to send and receive money with those you know and trust. Here are some FAQs for using these services.

It’s up to you and your banking preferences. Both Zelle® and Pay a Person are available on our Mobile App and Online Banking. Learn more about using Zelle®.

It’s up to you.

Zelle®—With Zelle, you can send money from your account to your recipient’s account. (Recipient’s checking or savings account must be at a U.S.-based financial institution.) Typically, an enrolled recipient will receive the money within minutes. Learn more about using Zelle®.

Pay a Person—You can send money two ways: 1) Use the debit card system; money available to your recipient within minutes and 2) If you do not have a KeyPoint debit card, use the Automated Clearing House (ACH) system. Money is available in your recipient’s account in up to 3 days.

To access Zelle® across several financial institutions, you must use separate email addresses or U.S. mobile numbers. Your email or U.S. mobile number is a “social token” corresponding to your enrollment at a particular financial institution. By linking unique email addresses or U.S. mobile numbers, you can use Zelle® at multiple financial institutions; only one U.S. mobile number or email address can be assigned to a financial institution. Learn more about using Zelle®.

KeyPoint allows Members to send up to $2,000 per day with a total of $4,000 per month. As with other limits, KeyPoint will review Members on individual basis to determine whether an individual Member limit can be raised.

Zelle® does not limit the amount of money you can receive from others. Learn more about the specifics of using Zelle®.


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