Youth Banking FAQs

When your child turns 18, their Student Checking account automatically converts to a Free Checking account with no monthly account fee and no minimum balance maintenance requirement. A Kids Saving account will convert to a Smart Savings account at the age of 18.

Once your child turns 18, you can either remain on the account or visit a branch to update the account holders.

You can add your child’s ATM and debit card to your KeyPoint Card Manager App. Set spending limitations, prevent transactions, and block a card right from your phone. 

A Kids Savings account is a great place to start. To apply, your child must be younger than 18 years old.

Open a Kids Checking account when your child turns 8. At 13, the account will automatically convert to a Student Checking account.

At KeyPoint, we use the latest technology to safeguard your account. Our Online and Mobile Banking services utilize Multi-Factor Authentication and encrypted sessions to verify a user’s identity and account activity. Learn more.

If a debit card is lost, please contact us immediately, so we can block the card and prevent fraud on the account. Your child can receive a new card instantly by visiting a branch, or you can request online to receive within 3-5 business days.

The account’s joint owner should call us immediately at (888) 255-3637 if any unauthorized charges occur.

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