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Benefitting our members

Apr 01, 2015

Whenever the KeyPoint executive team meets to discuss a new initiative or program, we ask ourselves, “how does that benefit the member?” This question is at the core of all decisions we make, all new products and services we review, and any investments we may consider.

When we first began evaluating a core system conversion about two years ago, our first question was, of course, “how does that benefit the member?”

The short answer was “improved service!” And now, after a long year of preparing data for the conversion; testing, verifying and reviewing the data; we have completed the conversion with minimal disruption of service, thanks to our talented and hard-working conversion team.

The improved service may not be immediately noticeable to members, but I assure you that this painful housecleaning task will ultimately result in positive changes at KeyPoint:

- Faster processing time – Our data system was bogged down with so much old data, that simple tasks like processing a deposit at a teller window might result in a member hearing the Jeopardy song in his head.

- Improved products and service – Now that we consolidated and simplified our products, it’s easier to see your options, and easier for us to implement enhancements.

-  New benefits for highly-engaged members – Although we value each and every member/owner, KeyPoint’s success is a result of the members who have deep relationships with us. We look forward to implementing new benefits that will reward these members, and encourage other members to entrust more of their financial business to us.

We have already begun work on our next big project to benefit members—a new Online and Mobile Banking system! The vendors we’ve reviewed have robust systems with state-of-the-art technology and cool new features. You can look forward to the new service by October!

Are there any changes that you’d like to see at KeyPoint?


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