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    The Equifax Cyber Security Breach

    Oct 03, 2017

    Protecting your accounts and personal information are top priorities for us at KeyPoint Credit Union.  So, I want to make sure you’re aware that one of the three national credit reporting agencies –– Equifax –– recently announced they experienced a serious cyber security breach –– potentially impacting the personal information of hundreds of millions of U.S. consumers.  This data breach occurred between mid-May and July of this year, and was limited only to Equifax. 

    Find out if you were impacted

    Even though this data breach was not in any way related to KeyPoint Credit Union, I strongly advise you to find out if you or your family were impacted.  You can find out by going to a special website provided by Equifax –– at  If you were impacted, Equifax will provide free credit monitoring to help prevent fraudulent activity on your credit accounts.  (If you decide to participate in this monitoring service, read the terms and conditions carefully –– so you know what to expect.) 

    What you can do to help prevent fraud

    Here are some ways you can help prevent fraudulent misuse of your KeyPoint accounts and personal information:

    • Put a password on your account. This password will be requested when you conduct business with KeyPoint at a branch or over the phone.  To set up your password, call 1-888-255-3637 or visit any KeyPoint branch
    • Enroll in KeyPoint mobile and online banking alerts to monitor account activity 24/7.
    • Download the KeyPoint mobile app from the Apple App Store or Google Play to review your accounts –– whether you’re at home or traveling.
    • Notify us immediately if you think your KeyPoint account may be at risk –– call 1-888-255-3637.
    • Review your statements for accuracy or anything suspicious.
    • Check your credit report annually. You can get a free annual credit report from all three credit reporting agencies at
    • Consider putting a “freeze” on your credit—to prevent any new credit accounts from being opened in your name.  To learn more, visit the Federal Trade Commission site.
    • Monitor your FICO® score in KeyPoint’s online or mobile banking. 


    If you’d like more information about the Equifax Cyber Security Breach or how we safeguard your personal information and prevent fraud at KeyPoint, stop by any branch or call us at (888) 255-3637.  You can also visit our Fraud & Security page.   

    At KeyPoint Credit Union, we’re committed to protecting your accounts and personal information with the most advanced technology available today.



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