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    Service through humans and high tech

    Sep 21, 2015

    A lot of my focus as KeyPoint’s CEO is looking for ways to improve our members’ lives. That is KeyPoint’s primary reason for existing, and the core purpose that drives each business decision.

    As a result, the individual experiences of each member have great meaning to me. I actively seek out stories about how we’ve impacted members—both good and bad. If something went wrong, we need to fix it. If something is going well, I want us to replicate it for other members.

    Improving our members’ lives can be big, like our Starting Point program. Starting Point provides affordable auto loans to individuals who are new to the country or recent graduates. Without a credit score or credit history, these members are left without transportation, or gouged by ridiculously high interest rates. Many of the member stories I see are similar to this one: “When I needed a new car, KeyPoint looked at me as a person not a number and a score. I was impressed by the personal attention to my application.”

    But even small actions can make a difference in our members’ lives. One member praised Meeta Pandit in our Rivermark Branch, saying: “She carefully took me through all of the steps of closing 2 accounts & splitting the money in one account among my family members with no confusion whatsoever. Meeta took care of me like I was part of her family!”

    Another member told us: “When I mentioned that I forgot to make copies of the checks that I was depositing (I needed to keep records for my taxes), the teller said that she would be happy to make copies for me.  I never would have even thought to ask for such a favor.  KPCU really treated me like I mattered, not just my money.”

    You DO matter! Banks may be motivated by profit, but your not-for-profit credit union is motivated to serve you. Are you looking to buy a new home? We want to help you finance it, and make the process easy. Do you need 24/7 access to your funds? We’re constantly upgrading our systems, services and processes to ensure that your funds are always available.

    We’re in the process of converting to a new Online and Mobile Banking system, with a new Bill Pay process. While there will be a small amount of inconvenience during the conversion, we think the improved security and new features will ultimately better serve your needs.

    Thank you for your membership, and your loyalty. And thank you for giving us the opportunity to improve your life! 

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