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    Guest Blogger Sam Tuohey

    Sep 04, 2014

    Note: President/CEO Brad Canfield has asked members of his executive staff to guest author some of his upcoming Blogs, so you can get to know the key decision makers at KeyPoint. This month, Chief Operating Officer Sam Tuohey is the guest blogger.  

    It’s been almost exactly a year since I came aboard KeyPoint Credit Union as Chief Operating Officer, and I’m happy to report that I haven’t had a bad day yet. I’ve worked for Bay Area credit unions for 30 years, mostly in the areas of marketing, operations, and technology. I don’t think I’ve seen as much industriousness as I’ve seen here at KeyPoint.

    There is a lot going on.

    The staff has been working very hard on our year-long computer system project, which will help us improve our direct service to you, as well as enhance KeyPoint’s self-service channels.

    Although this is a long and big project, it hasn’t kept us from making other important improvements along the way. Just this year, we’ve equipped our branches to issue debit cards to members on the spot; created a secure online wire system for members; built an online mortgage application; introduced many new digital and mobile features (e.g., Popmoney and Funds Transfer); and even launched a few new products (e.g., free Organic Checking and High Yield Savings Account). In mid-September, KeyPoint will introduce two new credit card products to members: A Visa Platinum card with a low rate, and a Platinum card with a rich rewards program.

    Each of these projects requires a lot of planning, execution and testing, most of which is done by the same people who are responsible for serving you, our member, in your regular day-to-day business. The “routine” business for KeyPoint was anything but routine this year. Membership growth at KeyPoint is triple that of other credit unions in Silicon Valley. Our loan growth, too, is substantially outpacing our peers. The same people in our loan department who installed and tested the mortgage loan system this past spring, are also generating record loan production for borrowing members.  

    Brad Canfield has mentioned in previous Blogs the excitement at KeyPoint, and the remarkable results related to members embracing our loans, checking accounts, digital delivery and other services. I’m adding my two cents to give you my perspective on this story. My observation is that the excitement from staff and from members is real, and will continue for a very long time. Everyone on staff understands that we’ll never be done making changes and improvements to our services.

    We know that many of the programs that fit our members’ needs ten years ago don’t fit well today, and need to be replaced or upgraded. That will likely be true for systems that we’re putting in place today, except they’ll probably be obsolete in less than ten years. We want to become and remain very relevant to you and our other members.

    We know what we know because you tell us. We ask and we listen. We participate in the Net Promoter Score program, receiving hundreds of comments quarterly from members. Each executive here reads each and every comment. We also send several hundred questionnaires each month to members based on specific KeyPoint transactions. These responses are also reviewed by me and my colleagues.  

    Please let us know how we’re doing. Tell us what you need, like, or dislike. We want to know.

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