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    Scoring a hole-in-one

    Mar 31, 2014

    Like many people, I am an avid golfer. There’s nothing like driving the ball down the middle of the fairway, and having a great second shot with a perfect birdie opportunity. But I think what I like most about golf is the friendly (and sometimes fierce) competition.

    Banks and credit unions are similar to golfers. Credit unions are overall pretty friendly with each other, and even willing to share information and best practices. In fact, some of my favorite golfing buddies are local credit union CEOs.

    Having worked for a bank, I discovered to my dismay that they are completely motivated by profit! This is the total opposite of credit unions—we are motivated to serve our member/owners. A credit union’s idea of a hole-in-one is being able to improve our members’ financial lives. A bank’s idea of a hole-in-one is paying high dividends to its stockholders—usually at the expense of its customers!

    There is a myth that credit unions have an unfair competitive advantage over banks because we don’t pay taxes. Credit unions actually do pay most taxes; like property, local and employer taxes. Since we’re not-for-profit, we do not pay federal income taxes, because all “profits” are returned back to our member/owners in the form of better rates, lower fees, and improved service.

    KeyPoint recently implemented a member satisfaction survey to help us measure how well we serve your needs, and to gather feedback on how we can improve. Having unhappy owners would be worse for me than getting stuck in a sand trap. It’s been wonderful seeing the positive comments and suggestions for improvement from all of you (I read every single one!). I hope that if you receive an emailed survey, you’ll take the time to give us your feedback.

    Of course, I especially enjoy reading the positive member comments, like Patrick who said, “The Credit Union is convenient and a lot more friendly than going to the bank.” Yes! Another hole-in-one for KeyPoint!

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    Money on the run

    Mar 07, 2014

    When I first joined KeyPoint almost two years ago, I logged a lot of airline miles commuting back-and-forth to Seattle until my family joined me in the Bay Area. Hundreds of KeyPoint members are also frequent flyers—traveling domestically and internationally for both business and pleasure.

    If you’re constantly on the run, it’s good to know that KeyPoint is with you wherever you go! Our free mobile apps let you take care of your financial business any time, any place—whether it’s checking your account balance, paying bills, transferring funds between accounts, making a loan payment or depositing a check. KeyPoint makes it quick, easy and free!

    These days, I see airline travelers glued to their laptops and tablets. Isn’t it amazing how much of our lives rely on technology? And isn’t it even more amazing how fast technology is evolving to make our lives more efficient and convenient?

    Convenience is a driving motivator at KeyPoint. We’re embracing new technology to improve your financial life—keep an eye out for Popmoney and Funds Transfer—new features that will let you send money person-to-person and between your KeyPoint accounts and your accounts at other financial institutions.

    If you’re lucky enough to travel, be sure to pack your KeyPoint Visa® Debit Card. It’s accepted at millions of locations for purchases and cash withdrawals, and it comes with Passport Rewards AND a Zero Liability Policy that protects you in case of fraud.

    Personally, I like to let technology do the work for me. That’s why my favorite feature in Online Banking is the text alert that comes right to my smart phone. Why should I have to log in to check my account balance when it takes seconds to text “BAL” to 454545?

    I’m happy to have my family here with me in the Bay Area, but I still love to travel. It’s great to have my KeyPoint accounts with me wherever I go!

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