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Reach your short-term savings goals with savings accounts, money market accounts and certificates.


We all have long term and short term savings goals. Whether you’re thinking about a big vacation, a wedding, a milestone celebration, or a just-in-case fund, KeyPoint has a solution for you.


Certificate, and IRA Certificates (Traditional and Roth)
Rates Effective: 12/9/2022
Minimum Term $1,000 Minimum Balance
1 month 0.25% rate 0.25% APY
3 months 0.30% rate 0.30% APY
6 months 1.50% rate 1.51% APY
12 months 2.50% rate 2.52% APY
24 months 2.50% rate 2.52% APY
36 months 2.25% rate 2.27% APY
48 months 2.25% rate 2.27% APY
60 months 2.50% rate 2.52% APY

0.10% bonus with direct deposit. The displayed Rate and APY do not reflect the 0.10% bonus. Failure to maintain direct deposit during the term of the Certificate will reduce the rate by 0.10%, if the bonus is applied. All Certificates are compounded and paid monthly and/or at maturity. Certificates have fixed rates. Early withdrawal penalties apply. Certificates must maintain the rate tier minimum balance through the end of the term. If the balance falls below the rate tier minimum balance, the Certificate must be closed. Applicable penalties will apply to the principal balance. The stated APY assumes principal and interest remain on deposit for the term of the certificate. Interest is compounded monthly. Members must notify the Credit Union during the certificate renewal period for the 0.10% direct deposit bonus to be applied on the renewed certificate. 

Rates accurate as of 12/9/2022 and subject to change. Fees may reduce earnings.